Baalveer Returns – Ep 91 – Full Episode – 14th January 2020

Baalveer Returns – Ep 91 – Full Episode – 14th January 2020

quickly tell me the solution Otherwise, you will
remain a such statue for ever on which no bird will
build its nest. Come on, tell me fast. Timnasa, you yourself
have fallen in the grave which you had dug for others. That, too, a kid
has got you into this condition! Shame on you! Vivaan, what have you done? How are you going to bring
your mom, your sister Fun Fairy and
Baalveer back to life? Only Timnasa knew
the way to reverse this magic. Actually,
I am not complaining. Because now, Bhaymar
will rule over the Dark Realm. And I will be his
commander-in-chief. Bhaymar! Hey, Tauba Tauba, I will never
let your wish to come true. Hey, Jabdali, you will not
be able to do anything. I will sprinkle
that over Timnasa.. That thing..
The magical water. After that,
Timnasa will come back to life and will teach you both
a proper lesson. Wait and watch. Quiet! Magical water. Jabdali, you idiot! Idiot, what are you saying? These people do not know where
that magical water is. Even we do not know where
that magical water is. It means that Timnasa is
going to remain a statue. Nothing of that sort
is going to happen. We somehow will have to
bring Timnasa back to life soon. Did you guys
hear what Jabdali said? By sprinkling magical water the effects of this magic
can be reversed. But where will we search
for it in the Dark Realm? Timnasa herself is
giving us the sign where to find the magical water. Come, fairies, let us go
and get the magical water. These seem to be the ruins
of some ancient temple. Come on, let us go and check.
– Okay. How come there is a temple of
Lord Rama in the Dark Realm? Is this also some illusion
created by Timnasa? No, Vivaan. Shaurya had told
me that thousands of years ago Dark Realm used to be
a holy place. Yes, Vivaan, great saints used
to come here to do penance. Do you remember Krodhal? Many saints like him
used to come here and do penance in
this holy place. You never know, they might
have constructed this temple. Do you remember?
Baalveer had narrated the story of a saintly woman to us. ‘It had happened
with a saintly lady.’ ‘Her husband,
who was a great sage’ ‘had turned her into a stone.’ ‘But how did she come
back to life, Baalveer?’ ‘By the blessings
of the divine.’ By the blessings of god that woman had
come back to life. And water is flowing even
from this idol of Lord Ram. It means.. – It means,
this is the magical water using which the effects of
Timnasa’s magic can be reversed. How did this happen? How did this flower
come into my hands? It is because the curse you had
because of which people used to turn into stone by your
touch has come to an end now. We should quickly go and
bring partner, Fun Fairy my mom and my
sister back to life. Hey, mind your tongue.
Or else I will kill you. Come on then. Now, you will become
my servant. You are Bhaymar’s servant. You are a monkey. What? I am a monkey?
Then you are a mouse! Partner. Fun Fairy. Sister. Mom. Why is the holy water not
working on them? Vivaan, look at that. Where are we? Mom! Pal. Black Fairy, I think
they have found the holy water. Baalveer, before they find out
about the holy water and they set Timnasa free,
we should destroy that cave. But, Water Fairy, that cave
is Lord Rama’s temple. We can’t destroy it. That means the holy water
is in Lord Rama’s temple. Let’s go, Jabdali.
– Vivaan is right. We should not destroy
that temple. Hey, Bhaymar. While turning into a stone,
Timnasa gave me a proposal. Today to save Timnasa,
I will give you a proposal. Hey, Baalveer, we will accept
whatever your proposal maybe. Please spare us. So, if you want to cure Timnasa then stop following the path
of evil. And take the path
of kindness. Anyway, to cure Timnasa you will need Lord Rama’s
holy water. What if we say no
to your proposal? Then get ready, Bhaymar,
for another fight. Baalveer, we have sent Ms.
Karuna and Khushi back home. They will not remember anything that happened here. But what Vivaan has done today none of us will forget that. Yes, Vivaan,
what you did today has made all of us very proud. Since we are in this together,
so I had to do it. When you turned into a stone then I had to take care
of your responsibilities. By the way, Vivaan, I didn’t
turn into a stone because of you but because of my own will. What? So you provoked me
to do the task? Although, you’re the
mischievous one, Vivaan But I can be a little
mischievous too sometimes. All right, it’s okay. You’re getting a little
influenced by me after all. Baalveer. What happened to you, pal? Fairies, do something. Baalveer. Come on, pal.
Stop your pranks now. Or else, Mr. Shaurya will
take away your powers too. Then I will have to take
your responsibilities. ‘I am sure today, Vivaan’ ‘that you can face
any problem too.’ ‘Even though your methods
are different’ ‘but you are truly
my successor.’ Wow, Your Highness. Are you opening
a museum in the Dark Realm? Also,
how old is this statue? Congratulations,
Your Highness. You became a mom
from being the Queen. Here
is your successor. The support
for your last days. There is a
new child in the Dark Realm. Congratulations,
Your Highness. Bhaymar,
there’s a new child. He wanted to be the King,
but became a parent instead. Hey! Others would
say so, not me. Your Highness. Why do you need
a successor when I am here? Even I
am like your son. You could
make me your successor. Oh, wow. Calm down,
little one. Calm down,
little one. One more? Your Highness.
Two successors? These aren’t
my successors. Go and drop
these children on earth. What are you
saying, Your Highness? They aren’t old
enough to go to school on earth. Just do as told. What do you wish to do? And what will these
two infants do on earth? You’ll get the answers
to all your questions. You just leave
these children on earth even before the people
of Brave realm realise it. Work more
and talk less now. You’re amazing. Mr. Mehta,
what will you do with the lunch even before
you get hungry? Good morning, grandpa. Good morning, dear. Good morning, grandpa. Good morning, dear. Grandpa. Now that you’re giving
the wash basin a bath why don’t you
apply soap on it too? Why are you joking,
Vivaan? Grandpa,
you’re the one joking with the nature by
wasting so much water. I am not wasting
much water. Just a few drops. Grandpa, an ocean is
formed by many drops of water. Give me a lecture, Vivaan.
Go ahead. You’ll understand when your
grandson gives you a lecture. Grandpa,
forget my grandson If you waste water
like this, then very soon even I, your grandson
won’t have water to drink. Okay, fine. A water wasting
competition is going on here. Mom, are you teaching
the vessels to swim? No one understands
the value of water. Do you know the water
problem the world is facing? Do not talk,
listen to me. Breakfast is ready,
get freshened up and eat it. Mom, washing hands is
necessary for eating breakfast. Why waste water
by getting freshened up? Do you hear something? Yes. What’s happening? Come on. Hey,
whose child is this? How did such a
small child end up here? Calm down.. Oh, God! The child’s
lips are so dry. The child is crying
because of thirst maybe. But who is this? Fist, let’s feed this
child some water to drink. Come. Let’s go.
Come. Quiet.. Over there, Vivaan. Bring some water, Vivaan.
Go. Who is this mom? He’s a new member
of our family. Welcome him.
– Stop it, Vivaan. Karuna, whose baby is this? I don’t know, Father-in-law. I found him crying
on the stairs. He looks thirsty. Mom, here. Pour some more water. I think he’s still thirsty. He is still crying. He’s still thirsty
after drinking water. How can a baby drinks
so much of water? Give me some more.
– Okay. Dear, stop crying! Don’t cry. Dear.. It’s finished. There is something wrong. After having so much of water
he’s still thirsty. I think he is unwell. Khushi, Vivaan,
go and see outside. I think his parents are
looking for him. Okay, Mom.
Let’s go. Let me go and check around. Meanwhile,
you call Girpade here. Okay, father-in-law. Oh, dear..
Don’t cry. Hello!
Mr. Girpade, Karuna here. Nothing can happen to Baalveer
when I am here. What are you saying, Fun Fairy? We equally fought
against Timnasa, Isn’t it? Still, one fairy needs to be rewarded separately. The fairy who has shown
her courage throughout the year. That is me. I took form as Fly fairy
and watch upon Vivaan. Really?
You were talking about yourself. Why? We all have shown
our courage as well. Maybe, but not like me. Even I had cooled down
the solar influence in Vivaan. Is that it, Water Fairy? Dooba Dooba will win over you. Fun Fairy! Baalveer, what is she saying? Fun Fairy is making fun. Yes, Water Fairy. There is no such reward. Each fairy is best in Fairyland. Baalveer. Yes, Shaurya. I can sense
a suspicious situation on Earth. What kind of suspicion
situation, Shaurya? Many children have been seen
on Earth. I think Timnasa is the reason
behind this. You have to go Earth
and find about this.

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