sea salt, have you ever heard the name of the item called sea salt or “garam laut” This sea salt is needed for us to cook You can check at this cooking pot for example, food that is reserve food this islander jerky he needs 2 sea salt You can get sea salt with a tap how to obtained and get it in the market as well as other foods for example to add xp this highland candy also requires 2 sea salt as well as other foods to add our xp pet highland feed also requires sea salt so for cooking we need this sea salt how to get it in the market the market is a shop, you just tap shop select part purchase, then tap others you choose sundries here you can buy sea salt, the price is 4k silver 1 you can buy as much as you want but the day is only at a limit of 99 pieces and i wanna try to buy 3 pcs I will try cooking using this sea salt before that I want to see the sea salt where I bought it earlier I check my bag, then tap the material part and scroll down, this is it this sea salt, 3 pcs that I bought earlier I can cook the islander jerky because it takes 2 sea salt and I have 3 sea salt Immediately I cook Islander Jerky oke. its finish that’s the way if you don’t know how to get sea salt it’s easy you just buy it at the shop for the price of 4,000 as long as you have a lot of money, one day you can buy 99 pcs thank you for those who have watched this video to the end like this video subscribe channel KAGETORA KAZAMA Turn on the bell, so you can get notifications about every new video I upload share’s this video to your social media so your friends also know and play together dawn of isles remember to always be grateful

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