Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 175 – Full Episode – 16th March, 2020

Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 175 – Full Episode – 16th March, 2020

Greetings. Hello. I, Anup Soni welcomes all of you to the Black Headlines Season of ‘Crime Patrol Satark’. These days
there is panic everywhere. Every human being is afraid that he might meet an accident when he leaves his home. Amidst all this,
media is very active. Be it big news or small ones they are reaching us easily. But even today there
are many villages where a crime takes place
but it takes a lot of time for the rest of the country
to find out about it. Moreover, even the police finds
out about the crime very late. Because of which it
becomes almost impossible to ensure justice. Hello. Yes. Okay. Yes. Listen, I need to go to the city to buy seeds. Wrap up the work here. Hit him hard! He seems to be stubborn. If you hit him lightly,
how will it affect him? Speak up.. Give him.
Say whatever you want to. Sir. I have explained everything
to him. Give it to him. Sir. My brother has
made my life miserable. Don’t spare him. You usurped his land. He will fight with you. Go. Your job will be done. Take it. Your share. Get a cup of strong tea.
– I’ll just get it, sir. Sir.
– Yes. I need to file a complaint. What happened? Fight between sisters-in-law! The entire world
might come to an end but the fight between
women keeps going on. Last week, Shinde’s wife and her sister-in-law were
physically abusing each other while fighting
at the police station. Sir, she slapped her so hard. A tight slap.
– I had lost my temper! I have been raped! Rape! And you are roaming publically.
Where is your husband? What husband! Get out of my house..
– What are you doing? Come on.. Get out of here! Dad, what are you doing? Mom.. – You
are responsible for all this. I am sure you provoked him. Men are very strong willed. Unless you lure them,
they don’t follow you. Mom.. – It is your fault. Brother-in-law, leave her..
– Move back! Get out!
– No.. I won’t go anywhere!
This is my house. And what kind of
a husband are you? Your wife has been raped and you are ousting her
from the house. Yes, I will. I will oust you and I’ll oust your
daughter as well. Take her along. I doubt if she is my daughter.
Get lost! Sir, tell me,
what is my fault in this? Sir, men are uncouth. But we know to reform
such people. Sir, how can we let
her stay at my home? She became impure. Now I cannot accept her. So she became impure for you! What about the circumambulations
and bond of seven rebirths? She is your wife legally. You can’t ignore the law. And the law is supreme. You are the law officer
and the judge. Please understand. What is it?
You want to bribe me! That too so nominal! Come on.. Leave.. No matter how much
ruckus you create.. No matter how hard you try,
I won’t let you stay at my home. What do you mean? Sir! Sir! Sir, see what they are saying. They won’t let me
enter the house. Sir, they.. Sir, what are you looking at?
Why don’t you say something? Why are you shouting?
Listen.. Whatever happened to you,
is your fault. When first time you came here..
Sir, did you notice how she had draped the sari? Like this..
It was like this. If she drapes the sari like this then she would be raped, right? Don’t you feel ashamed? It is your duty
to follow the law. We won’t follow the law.
What are you going to do? ‘Respected SP.’ ‘I am writing this letter
from Ramnagar.’ ‘Something bad has
happened with me.’ ‘I have been raped
but the police’ ‘is not ready to catch
the culprits.’ ‘On the contrary,
at my husband’s behest’ ‘they have become quiet.’ ‘My husband is ousting
me from the house.’ ‘Please help me, sir.’ ‘I sought help
from the local police’ ‘but I was disappointed.’ ‘What would happen
to the common people’ ‘if you too disappoint?’ Sister, here, take this.
Eat something. What are you doing? And why are you sitting here?
Don’t you understand? Get out from here
with your daughter. If she goes, even I will. Oh, wow! How will you go? She has gone out
and lost her honour. Even I want something now,
right? Come inside. You want to go.
– Sister.. – Come.. Brother-in-law.. You? I know you felt very bad. But don’t worry. I am with you. I will give you the respect which your husband
didn’t give you. I will keep you
with me as my wife. Don’t you feel ashamed
of doing this? I am your daughter-in-law. How does it matter?
After all, you are a woman. And the only job of a woman
is to keep the man happy. You are of no
use to Mohit now. You can at least
be of some work for me. How dare you say that? Do you want to see
how dare I am? What is this? Go. I will do your work. Wow, sir!
Go, accept more bribe. You don’t care that someone’s
life is getting destroyed. What happened now?
Why did you come again? My husband has raped me. And you are still sitting
quietly here. Oh, God! Did you get raped again? You should be ashamed
of yourself. Manohar. – Yes? Take that little
girl out for some time. Kote.. We will break your
legs if you come to the police station again. Hey! Your wife got raped again. You can oust
her from house now. People like you show
your power only on weak like us. I had already written
to your senior. Now, in the other letter I will tell him
what you have done with me. Not even God
can save you now. Mom.. Mom, why are you crying? You are hungry, aren’t you? Come, let’s go home. But dad has ousted us from home. Kittu, nobody can
oust us from that house. Don’t worry. You have me with you. Come. This crime which happened
with Sandhya would’ve got buried forever
like many other crimes which happened there. But there was a ray of hope
even here. An action was taken on
the basis of letter which Sandhya wrote to
the District S.P. and the officers of crime branch
were sent there. Hey! Yes, sir. – Where does
Sandhya and Mohit live here? Right here.. Sir, have you come
from the city? – Yes. Yes. We have come from
the city’s police station. Which house is that? Why did you stop? T-This is the one, sir.
– Then come. I will come later.
You can carry on. Sandhya? Are you Sandhya? – No. Call Sandhya. Who are you? – The police. We have come from the city. Sandhya wrote us a letter. She told us
that she was raped. Where is Sandhya? Call her. She is not here. She is dead. Is she dead? How? She suffered a heart attack. Mister, stop.. Sir.. – What
is it, Manohar? The police from the city has
come to Sandhya’s house. What? – Yes. Hey! Come soon.. How did she
get a heart attack? She wrote us that letter
just 15 days ago. Sir, she was in deep shock. That’s why she faced it. How are you related to her? I am her husband. She wrote in the letter that you didn’t want to keep
your daughter and her with you. S-Sir, I was afraid
of getting defamed. I said it out of anger. I could not
understand what to do. You tell me. How can someone
oust his daughter and wife in that situation? Sir, are you from
the police department? – Yes. Jai Hind, sir! How did you come to know? Sir, ours is a small village. Anybody new who pays a visit,
we come to know, sir. Introduce yourselves.
– Sir, I’m Darpan Shinde and he is my senior
Kailash More. Under which jurisdiction
are you poste? Sir, we’re posted
in this village. Is there a police station here? Yes, sir. It came up
six months back. Where is your daughter? Sir, she is at her aunt’s place.
– Find out. No need to find out, sir. We’ve already found out. Sir, let us discuss at
the police station. – Yes, sir. Girl.. Wake up. She is breathing. Wake up, girl. Wake up. Wake up, girl.
Please get up. Get up. Why are you lying
in this desolate place? Where is your house? I-I don’t know. There is a police
station nearby. They’ll take you to your
village. Come. – No! They killed my mother.
They’ll also kill me. They’ll kill me just like
they killed my mother. No.. Don’t worry, girl. Everything will be all right. ‘Ramnagar Police Station.
Gadchiroli, Maharashtra.’ Hey! Get some tea
for the seniors. On the double! Wait.. Wait. He was in the village. Yes, sir.
He runs errands for us. Go and get some tea. Please come in, sir.
– Please come in. – Come. Please come. What kind
of a police station is this? Where is the lockup?
– This way, sir. Please come. We hold the lawbreakers here. Sir, this mattress.. If it is late, we sleep here. We work day and night, sir. Sir, please come here.
Please come. What happened to Sandhya? Sir, she wasn’t well.
So, she died. Her husband claims that
she suffered a heart-attack. Yes. As she wasn’t well,
she had a heart-attack and she died, sir. What about her rape case? Sir, she wasn’t able to talk. She only said that
two people had come and had their face covered. Where is her case file? It’s right here, sir.
It is here. But sir, when she’s not alive,
then, why to investigate.. She wrote in the letter that the police here
didn’t co-operate with her. She also wrote,
that they take bribe. – No. No. – Nothing as such. We explained Mohit
to keep his wife at home. But he wasn’t ready
to listen, sir. We can’t arrange any police
duty outside his house. That’s why, she got angry. Sir, we even explained
to her husband. – Yes. But he didn’t listen to us. Okay.
We’ll look into the matter. Are you leaving.. Sir? As of now. We’ll be back.
Keep the file ready. We’re put up here..
At Hotel Hari Niwas. Excuse me. Hello. Shirke.. I smell a rat. Did you see the police station? Sir, it is a village
police station. Sometimes it is in
deplorable condition. Let’s go. From today,
you’ll be staying here. Come.. Come inside. Shut up or I’ll slap you! Hey! Stop create a ruckus! Be quiet! Oh, my!
Where did you find her? Consider yourself lucky that without any effort,
we hit the jackpot. Hello. Are you having
your food in time? Of course. Did you get your diabetes
test done? – I’ll do it. No need to worry. I’m ignoring sweets.
Forget about having it. Obviously, I’ll worry. Moreover, I cannot reach you
over the phone. As I said, there is a network
problem here. I’d say, if need to contact me then call up the police
station here during daytime. I’ll call you later. Bye.
– Hey.. Come in. Shirke, the ‘Gulab Jamun’
is mouth-watering. – Yes. Sir! Sir, with me around,
you can’t have simple food. Just a moment, sir. Sir, we even got
Tandoori for you. We bought it especially for you. What is all this?
Who told you to get it for us? Sir, we thought..
– What did you think? Take it back. – Sir,
you can have.. – Take it back! They’re such
an insolent lot, Shirke. Sir, they are the police
of the village. They have their own way
of welcoming people. Don’t take it personally, sir. Shirke, somehow.. Something isn’t right. The people of this place..
These police.. The truth is something else but we’re given
a different picture. Do you know
anything about Sandhya? What happened with Sandhya?
– I don’t know, sir. Do you know anything? Sandhya.. Her husband
used to beat her all the time. So many times,
I’ve seen him beating her. Hey! Come here.
Come here! Shall we haul him up?
– Sir, let it be. They are villagers.
They’re afraid of the police. Nobody wants to get
involved in the case. But keep questioning the locals. Definitely, someone will give us
some information. Please come. Sir, she wants to
tell you something. Tell me. Sir, are you enquiring
about Sandhya? Yes. Sir, my name shouldn’t come up.
– Don’t be afraid. Go ahead. Sir, to tell the truth,
she was ill-fated. Every day, her husband
used to get violent with her. Good that she died. Sir, Sandhya
was cut into four pieces and her body parts
were thrown into the well. In which well? Where is her family? Sir..
I didn’t do anything. Sir, please listen..
I told you, sir.. Sister! Sister..
– He did it.. – Sir. Hey, you.. Your wife didn’t
leave the house despite so much happening. So you chopped her to death,
didn’t you? I didn’t kill her. You know that I had
expelled her from the house. How would I know
who killed her? S-Sir, hear me out. Please stop whatever
is happening. I am willing to pay you
any amount of money you want. Shirke, it looks like
no one uses this well. No one comes here. Hey, kid. Does anyone come here
to fetch water? People used to come earlier. But no one comes here
since a few days. Why?
– I don’t know, sir. You may go. Shirke, have the forensic
analysis done near the well. If Sandhya was really chopped
and thrown into this well then traces of blood
can surely be found. It’s nonsense, sir. I saw her dead body. I did go to her house
for the investigation. Then why are the people
saying that she was killed and thrown
in the well after chopping her up? Sir, this is a village.
You don’t know these people. They make up stories
to take revenge on one another. And Mohit here is a rich man. He owns a lot of land.
Moreover, he is alone. Everyone wants
to have him imprisoned and to acquire his land. There’s one thing that
I don’t understand. Sandhya had clearly written
in the letter that she was raped
and the police wasn’t showing cooperation to her.
It’s possible that she was murdered
and you are trying to hide it. W-What are you saying, sir? W-Why would we do that? We will find that out. Now look what he does.
Look. Thief.. Good job, dear.
Good job. Did you see?
It’s very easy. You just have to take
the purse and run. Do you understand? Sandhya’s death was
due to a heart attack. Do you have her death
certificate to prove it? Well..
– We don’t have it. But we can get it made. Is it true what I heard? Was she chopped up
and thrown into the well? Chopped up? Sir, what are you saying? No such thing happened, sir. But it’s true that
my wife was raped. And I know who is
responsible for it. Who did it? Sandhya’s brother and her. Why would your brother do it? Sister told me that
she and I had the right over our father’s house. When I discussed this
with my family Brother Gopal
and sister-in-law Rukmini forced me out of the house.
So I came to my sister. And she took me
back there, in anger. How can you force her
out of the house? Hey, it’s because your sister
used to keep saying nonsense. Since when did talking
about one’s right become nonsense, Brother? And I told her to say
whatever she said. Both of us sisters
have the right over this house and the land. Right?
What right? You lost the right
when our parents gave you all the things
for your marriage. Are you claiming your right
over the house and land worth 20 lakh rupees
in exchange of things worth 50,000 rupees? Listen, don’t talk
nonsense here. You will not get anything
from this house and land. Let’s see how can I
not claim my right. Let’s see
what you can do about it. You know who my brother is,
don’t you? He will kill you and no one
would find out about it. Sister-in-law,
don’t try to threaten me. Sister..
Let’s go. Come.. Come..
– Get lost. Sister-in-law Rukmini’s
brother Kundan is in jail now. And he commits crime
even while being there. And then sister got raped. She complained about it
to brother-in-law. But he.. I see. Your brother-in-law
forced your sister and her daughter out the house.
Yet you stay at this house. I didn’t force her out. Even if I did,
I brought her back. I told you that it’s him
who had her raped. What about the murder?
– There was no murder. My wife died
due to heart attack. Where does your brother live? In the nearby village. Do you understand how to do it? I can’t do it. I-I am scared. How can you not do it?
Every other kids do it. You will have to do it too. You just have to snatch
the purse. Do you understand? Look. Go, hurry up.. Go! Thief.. Hey, you..
– What are you doing.. What are you doing?
– She is stealing. She is a kid.
She must have made a mistake. Hey, is this what your
mother taught you? Don’t repeat this.
All right? Go now. Leave.. Come here. Can’t you steal properly? Should I smack you? Come with me. Sandhya’s rape? I don’t know anything about it. But her family says that you are responsible
for her rape. Why would I have
my sister raped? Yes, I had a feud with her. But I cannot stoop so low. You forced your younger sister Kavita out of the house,
didn’t you? Yes, because she
used to talk nonsense. All right, tell me
what happened with Sandhya. Did she die
due to a heart attack or was she murdered?
– I don’t know, sir. People informed me
about Sandhya’s death. Some were saying that
she had a heart attack. Some were saying that she was
chopped up and thrown away. What do you think? She must have been murdered. Mohit didn’t like
Sandhya at all. Why are you so quiet? You have a baby girl.
You should be happy. Should I really be happy? I told her to get an abortion.
But she didn’t. Now she has lost her uterus. How can we have a son now? So, what? At least, we have a daughter. We’ll live with her. Neither do I want such
a daughter nor such a life. So, now, I’m going to.. W-What..
– Mohit. What are you doing?
– Mohit.. I’m going to throw her
in the well. – Mohit.. Leave her..
– Mohit.. Leave her.. Are you dad or a monster? Mohit is like that, sir. It’s been nine years
since they got married but she was never happy. And in such circumstances,
instead of helping her. You both ousted Kavita
from the house too. Why didn’t you both investigate
about Sandhya’s case thoroughly? It could be possible
that her brother got her raped. Or husband
must’ve got her raped. It’s because her husband
didn’t want to be with her. Sir.. What do you mean by ‘sir’? I have doubt that she died
due to heart attack. I’m sure she was murdered. And you guys have taken
a bribe and closed the case. If that’s true.. Then, I will not
spare you both! Yes..
I already told you.. There was no network coverage. You should’ve called
on the police station’s landline number. How do you expect me to call? I was searching online
for the police stations number. But I could find
any police station there. How can that be possible? Darn!
– I think they ran away. Shirke, search for them. Kade.. Sir, I found this
FIR register inside. Look.
They’ve written songs in it. I’m going to teach
them a lesson. They tricked us.. Stand straight.. Where did they go? He can’t speak. Are you mute? This is a fake police station?
– Yes. They were fake police officers?
– Yes. You were aware bout it?
– Yes. Write down the details
about those two guys. Who were those guys? Write.. ‘I live in this village.
I didn’t have any job.’ ‘They told me that
will give me money.’ ‘It’s none of my fault.
Please, forgive me.’ What happened with Sandhya? Check whether Manohar
is there in the village or has he ran away. Find him..
– Yes, sir. Move it.. Under the guise of this
fake police station a poor lady
was being tortured. What did you do
with her corpse? We cut her into pieces. Wait.. Clean it easily. Clean it with your hands. Shirke, send
the corpse for autopsy. And search for
Sandhya’s daughter. We have come across
many cases in which where someone is harassing the general public by
becoming a fake cop. Takes money from them. But Kailesh and Darpan
had established a fake police station. If Sandhya wouldn’t
written the letter then along
with her death her story would have
never come forth. No.. Why did you kill Sandhya? I did not kill Sandhya, sir. You bribed them
to close the case, right? Sir, they were after me. They were going to file
a case on me. Moreover, my dad
also raped her. Hence, it’s obvious
that I’ll be sacred. Sir.. You felt pity
and raped her? And when she tried to inform
the police by writing a letter. You killed her..
– No, sir.. Don’t hit me, sir.
I didn’t kill her. Why did you lie about Kittu? She is not at your
sister’s house. Where is she? Sir, I got scared. I was scared
of the consequences. I’ll tell you the truth, sir. Sandhya’s brother
must’ve killed her. Sir, they are lying.
I haven’t done anything. You seemed to be very proud
of your brother, right? Sir, I just said
that to scare her. Anyway, what can Kundan do? He’s already in jail. We wanted to oust
Kavita from the house that’s why I said that. Why didn’t you
tell us that day that your sister
was murdered? What would I tell you, sir? Brother-in-law
forcibly kept me with him. They hurt her
and abused her. They wanted a marriage. Sister was my strength. I never knew what to do after sister was taken. Brother and his wife
cast me out. Sir, please find
my Kittu. She is the one loved
by my sister. I will let you go this time. If you make any mistake then I will gouge
your eyes out and put you out to beg
on streets. Sir, we got PM reports
of Sandhya. Sir, her body
was cut using an axe. The forensic team found
blood traces of Sandhya around the well. It is so sad, Shirke. Sandhya came to police
for help. Darpan and Kailash
pretended to be cops and they exploited her. Sandhya was a brave one. Had there not been
a fake police station here Sandhya would go out
to the city and she’d be alive. Did we get any update
on Kittu? Nothing yet, sir. I have sent her picture
to all stations. I have put my informants
to work. Sir, I checked call records
of Sandhya’s family. Mohit got frequent calls
from two people. Kishan and Prabhat. And Mohit said he was
in the city the day Sandhya
was raped. Sir, he lied. His phone puts him
in the village. Kishan called Mohit
that day. And they were both
at the location where Sandhya was raped. Get them here! Sir. Sir, we raped
Mohit’s wife. Mohit paid us a sum
of Rs. 5000 to do so. Speak up! Tell us! I had my wife raped. I liked Kavita.
I wanted to marry her. I wanted a son. And yet when
she did not leave your father raped her. And when she still stayed you both killed her! No, sir. We did not kill her. Sir, we did not kill her. You killed your wife
for a son. What did you do
to your daughter? Did you send her
to some foul place? Thrash him till he tells us
everything. No, sir!
No! Quiet!
Silence! Sir, Darpan
and Kailash have been spotted. Sir, we made a mistake!
Sir! Sir!
– Silence! Tell us! Sir, I wanted to be
an IPS officer but I could not clear
the exam. We wanted to be police
so we.. Started this fake police
station? As cops? Why did you kill Sandhya? No! Sir!
– We did not kill her! We did not kill her! Why not? You raped her
and she threatened to tell me. So you thought your game
will be up so you killed her. Sir, we did not kill her. What did you do
to her daughter? Where is she? We do not know.
– We have no clue. They know all
make them sing! Go on! Sir!
– Sir! Sir, tea. Did you add extra sugar? Yes, sir. Sir, a video has gone viral. ‘Raju provisions shop, Naigaon.’ So Kittu is in Mumbai. She was caught stealing
from a nearby shrine. Go get that kid. Come with us. Ma’am! Ma’am! What is this? You should not do
such things. You are good kid. Show him he picture. Do you know her? What is going on here?
What are you asking him? Leave! You dare speak to a cop
like this. I am sorry, sir. You make kids
steal stuff, right? No, sir. Where is Kittu? Where is she? Kittu? Where is she? Please eat
some fresh snacks. You must be hungry. Dear, tell me. Who killed your mom?
Did you see him? Yes.
– Who was it? You must be ashamed.
Take her. Sister always told me
to fight for my claim. And I did. I thought she’d leave
once she was raped. But she did not go. Her husband liked me
and not her. Where would I go? I needed a house
and a family. I needed a man. My brother and his wife
had kicked me out. But she did not listen
and I killed her. You must be ashamed! Your sister trusted you
and fought for you. And she let you in. And you killed her! How can a woman
kill her own sister to get a better life? Sandhya lived
in a village but she knew of her rights. She fought for her rights and she informed the senior
officers of crimes against her. And it is our duty that
we must inform police if we see something wrong
that is happening. And if the police
does not act upon it we must go to senior
officers. I will now take your leave. We will meet again
with another case in a new segment. And remember
you can stay safe by being alert. Stay alert, stay safe. Jai Hind.

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