LTV-R2 Rain Sensor

LTV-R2 Rain Sensor

Introducing Our New LTV-R2 Rain Sensor With an Expanded Rain Collector
to provide improved rain measurement Secure Locking Tabs to keep bucket in place Self-Emptying Rain Gauge Convenient Bubble Level Easy Access Battery Compartment And an Extended Wireless Range
of over 400 feet in open air Our New LTV-R2 Rain Sensor La Crosse Technology [Logo]

13 Replies to “LTV-R2 Rain Sensor”

  1. I noticed when checking my phone app for sensor updates that the rain sensor doesn't show very current updates like 2 days ago instead of minutes ago. Is that because no rain has tipped the rain cups inside?

  2. I just set. Mine up a week ago, had a good rain of almost 5" in 2 regular rain collectors, ltv unit showed a little over half that, I have read people had trouble with double correct reading, half makes me think sensor is only receiving half data?, any ideas?

  3. I have returned two of the La Crosse 5-in-1 Professional Wireless Weather Station because this rain gauge will not connect. I should say one never connected second one connected for about 10 minutes. Horrible product. Returning again and buying another brand.

  4. Disappointment x3
    I have been a fan of La Crosse instruments for 15 yrs and was excited to find this wireless gauge. (#1)I started with a re-conditioned unit but it took me 6 days trying several times each day to get it to connect to my S82950 system. I discovered the transmitter is intermittent and requested tech support so I can send it back on Jan 4th. (#2) After 2 wks all I have received is the email acknowledging I have requested tech supt. (#3) I also ordered a new gauge while I was waiting and it connected indoors right away. But after 5 days I discovered it only works indoors. When I place it outside, 12 feet from my tablet with clear line of sight thru a glass window I lose the signal when the temp drops below 43 degrees. I was excited this morning when it registered .43 inches at 4:30am on Lacrosse view until I checked my manual gauge 20 feet away and found only .01 inch in it. Disappointed 3 times out of 3 with this new product and tech support:-(

  5. I just noticed that my online viewing stopped working, it has been about a month, I was reading something about a subscription, if they want a fee to view my data this thing is going back to Costco.

  6. I am trying to find information on setup for La Crosse Rain Sensor TX14R. I have not found a single reference for this model but some others look like it.

  7. Have had the C83100 system for close to a year. Replaced the base twice on warranty as the units would not connect to wi-fi. On my third base now and all was functioning well for a few weeks but now the rain gauge (LTV-R2) will not stay connected. Took out old batteries, let stand, put in fresh batteries, connects, then signal gets weaker and weaker over 24 hours and no longer connects to base. A very problematic system indeed.

  8. My rain sensor makes up crazy numbers in the app like 291.57 inches in 1 hour which is impossible. Also, on the c83100 screen, it shows 0.00 for all time types.

  9. I picked up one of these Lacrosse C80758AU weather stations off costco a couple of months ago, set it up, works nicely
    The rain on the screen (not the app) wont reset daily. Does anyone have one of these and can tell me how I get it to reset?

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