Vitamin C Facial : Vitamin C Facial Mask Removal

Vitamin C Facial : Vitamin C Facial Mask Removal

She should be nice and relaxed. There we go.
As you noticed, the product hardens pretty substantially. So, I’m going to take a little
bit of water and just rub it around with my fingertips like so and just kind of work the
product in a little bit, kind of loosen it up a little bit. Just so when we remove the
mask with our towel we don’t have to sit there and really scrub her face. Again, this is
just loosening up the mask so the product removal is that much easier for you. We’ll take our nice, hot, steamed towel here
and removing the mask. Kind of let it steep in there a little bit, again, loosening the
Just wiping. There might be a little residual here and there so just make sure you double
check your work. You don’t want anyone leaving with little mask bits on their face. As I’m
removing the product I can already feel her skin really soft and hydrated from the previous
steps of this treatment. It’s nice and shiny and it has that glowy look and that’s essentially
what we’re looking for with the vitamin C treatment. Now, that we’ve removed her mask,
we’re going to complete the facial treatment with the vitamin C eye cream. This is great
for the eye area with anyone who is concerned with kind of a dullness around the eyes. With
any eye product you just want to use a little tiny dab. I always use my ring finger because
it’s the weakest finger on your hand. Any time you’re dealing with the eye area you
want to be extremely gentle. So, by using the ring finger I’m not applying hardly any
pressure to her eye area but I’m gently dabbing the product in, allowing her to absorb the
vitamin C cream. Again, vitamin C is really toning, lifting, and firming the skin. So,
again, it’s going to help with the fine lines and wrinkles that many of us complain about
or are concerned about as well as helping puffiness and dark circles.

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  1. Karen, I have to say, I love your videos. You seem to be such a gentle person and a great professional. I wish I could live near where you are. I would definitely treat myself to one of your skin treatments. Thanks for your videos.

  2. hello beautiful!
    If I want to do large quantities, how can I keep it fresh? refrigeration, preservatives?Do you have any recipe how to make creams?
    What is better salt or sugar?

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